Have you got CLASS?

Contributed by Jolene Pearson, PhD

Director of Early Childhood Services Bethel University

The Classroom Assessment Scoring System training   (CLASS) was offered for higher education faculty on June 28 and 29., 2017. A big thanks to June Reineke at the MN Department of Education for making this opportunity available! While I had read about CLASS and understood the general framework, this was my first time attending a CLASS training. Every minute of the training was purposeful and engaging. Once you complete the initial training there is an additional step to becoming a reliable CLASS observer. That process involved viewing five video segments of classroom interactions on-line rating them using the CLASS tool and submitting them with an aim to be reliable with the TEACHSTONE scoring.    In addition, once I was enrolled in the training TEACHSTONE made many resources available that will be very useful in working with my pre-service students at Bethel. I would highly recommend the CLASS training to other higher education faculty.